Responsible lending

During the working process we consider principles of responsible lending.

In order to assess the appropriateness of the loan with your personal interests, financial state and assess accompanying risks of loan you can find the information about our loan principles, price list, frequently asked questions, partners and personal data handling on our homepage.

Plan your borrowing

Finora Capital OÜ considers the principles of responsible lending laid down by the Financial Supervisory Authority by giving pre-contractual information and making the client acquainted with accompanying risks of taking a loan. Also it is important to know that responsible lending is bilateral. Client makes a decision to borrow and assesses the suitability of loan conditions. By taking the loan client bares the responsibility for the consequences. Use a loan calculator when you calculate the cost of loan and monthly annuity payment you need to pay back. Pay attention that final calculations will be done personally for each loan contract.

Check out the loan contract before borrowing

We recommend checking out and assessing every aspect, cost and risk of the borrowing. You can avoid problems in the future if you consider all aspects of borrowing. More information you can find on the web/homepage of Financial Supervisory Authority Consumer Protection Agency gives advice here: