About us

Finora Group is a company based on Estonian capital, which started operations in 2014, offering loans, leasing, factoring, guarantees to companies and private individuals.

In 2022, we received a banking license and now we operate as a bank in Estonia and Lithuania.

Becoming a bank has not changed our principles:

– Communication with us is easy and convenient, and all loan decisions are made on the home market.

– Thanks to our team’s long-term international experience in banking, leasing, financial departments of companies and international financial organizations, we are able to offer reliable and high-quality financing options for both individuals and companies.

– We are open and innovative. We believe that cooperation and contribution to the development of society is important in order to achieve success. That’s why we actively participate in the activities of Financestonia and, together with other responsible companies, organize seminars and information days all over Estonia, which help small and micro-enterprises to better understand the loan products offered on the market.

– We act transparently and responsibly. Our annual reports have been audited since the beginning of our operations, and all annual reports are published on our website. It is important for us to offer our customers a reliable service and to be responsible in our activities.

See more at www.finorabank.eu